On Site Gas Generation

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Gasses are used in variety of applications throughout many industries. From uses ranging from packaging of foods and in cutting of heavy metals, gasses are fundamental in ensuring that the modern world functions smoothly and effectively.

Due to the nature of the gasses, it is extremely hard for them to be transferred at low costs. The only two viable solution for gas transport is through a pipeline or through the use of pressurized containers. For industries in fast changing world, the acquisition of a pipeline would lead to huge capital costs which may or may not be recovered over the lifetime of the industry. This presents a risk which can be avoided. The other option is to transport gas through the use of pressurized cans. This means that the gas is produced, then packaged into pressurised containers which are then transported to where they are needed. This method not only includes transportation costs but also presents a risk of explosion. Since the containers are pressurised, there is a high chance that they can explode. This explosion can lead to more damage depending on the type of gas which is contained within those containers. Even if the gas contained in the containers is inert and non-flammable, the explosion can still lead to damage to life and property due to the presence of shrapnel and through the propagation of the shockwave resulting from the explosion.

On-site Gas Generation Machines

A good solution to this would be to generate the gas on site. On Site Gas provides solution to do just this. With our amazing oxygen machine, you can get a reliable supply of oxygen for your industry without going through the hassle or the risk of transporting gas in pressurised containers. It also means that there are reduced costs. It also means that there is reduced risk of injury to plant and personnel which is always a good thing.

Oxygen gas is used in many industries ranging from heavy metals industry to metal fabrication. Oftentimes, precision cutting is done through the use of high-powered lasers. These lasers need a constant supply of oxygen. Oxygen is also used to create several chemical processes, all of which require a constant supply of oxygen to ensure that the final product is achieved.

Similarly, nitrogen is also used in many industries. Most prominently, the use of Nitrogen is in the food packaging industry. Nitrogen is one of the noble gasses meaning that it does not react with other substances easily. This is especially useful in food packaging industry where the food is to be kept in an inert atmosphere to ensure that it does not rot or decompose. Nitrogen is often pumped into the containers of these food products which are then sealed. The presence of nitrogen provides an inert atmosphere which prevents the food from rotting or decomposing and ensures that the food stays relatively fresh while it is packaged.