When A Marriage Comes To An End

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When A Marriage Comes To An End

April 23, 2020 Legal Services 0

Marriage a beautiful relation, where two persons indulge in a wonderful feeling and imagine each other and lives together, undoubtedly this is one of the most amazing feeling of all. Two strangers live together and carry on their lives happily. Unfortunately this relation is very fragile and can be disposed of pretty easily on papers, but definitely not from the minds of both parties. Fragility of this relation brings us to the topic of ending this relation gracefully, which in legal terms called a ‘separation’. Certainly it is sad when a love life or love story comes to an end, but definitely this is how it is? Usually it is recommended to settle things outside the court room to make things easier for both, but sometime it becomes really ugly when couple visits the court room and try to resolve it seriously and in a messy way.

Difference between a divorce and a separation:

Although in both cases two persons do not share the same roof, but there is still some basic difference between the two terms. To make it easier for an average person to understand; Divorce is a dead end (nothing can undone this factor) two persons are now stranger again and there is nothing can be done; both parties have to re-marry in order to bring it to peace again. Legally in a divorce situation both parties are not required to fulfill their demands and responsibilities (they are now two different, separated and legally not bound people). Separation on the other hand is something called a temporary stop, a break from a relationship. Now two persons are required to take care of the things, they are not supposed to act least bothered or concerned from any aspect; certainly the husband has to pay the money it wife is not earning and wife has to understand her responsibilities. Separation is not something which cannot be un-done, if two people mutual agrees they can come together again any time. This sounds easier but there is a professional help required for handling court and outside the court matters. In both cases certain paper work is required which is done by the lawyer, who is specialized in the matters of separation and known as a separation lawyers in Brisbane although the qualification is the same like every other lawyer, but the specialization is different this lawyer knows it all related to divorce, separation, settlement within and outside the court room. In a nutshell, separation lawyer is entirely a separate field within the field of law. Normal lawyers with basic and simple property and affidavit knowledge cannot handle relationship technicalities in the court room hence, for anything like aforementioned a separation lawyer is required.