What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Screw Pile Foundation?

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Screw Pile Foundation?

January 29, 2020 Small Business Services 0

Many engineers ask the questions that how are the screw pile foundation is more effective and what factors should they consider before using these in their project. Not only this but along with the advantages of the screw pile foundation which are the limitations and the disadvantages of using such screw pile foundation. In this article, we will discuss not only the advantages and the disadvantages and limitation of the screw pile foundation.

Advantages of the screw pile foundation:

The quick and easy installation:

All you need to install the screw pile foundation is one labour, an operator, a mini excavator and a hydraulic machine and you have these installed. There is no need for the heavy machinery such as the cranes or many labours and this is what makes this kind of the foundation most suitable. The rapid installation is not just a word but it actually takes 30 sec to put one screw pile in the ground and screw it there which means that the total area installation could not be any longer than the 30 or the 40 minutes. Although there could be some margin for the unseen conditions.

Minimum site is disturbed:

In any of the piling contractor, the site needs to be prepared first in order for the foundation to be installed. Usually the site preparation takes more time than the actual installation of the found since the entire underground soil needs to be moved and transported to the other location but in case of the screw pile foundation no such thing is required since no site cleaning is required, this not only saves the time and the effort but also saves the cost for cleaning the site.


The poor-quality soil:

The load bearing capacity of the screw pile foundation is measured at the time of the installation as well but this is very much dependent on the soil as well. Therefore, the grounds on which the soil is not good enough then we know that the screw pile foundation will not be able to provide any kind of the support and will not be able to bear much load. However, this disadvantage could be overcome through three different ways and this is how you could make the screw pile foundation work even with the poor-quality ground. The first way is to install the screw piles deeper in the ground and add more extensions to the screw piles. Second is to install a greater number of screw piles than the normal number so that the load on these could be shared and support could be increased, the third is the removal of the existing piles and then the installation of the larger, stronger piles.