The Usual Size Of Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

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The Usual Size Of Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

November 23, 2020 Construction & Building 0

concrete sleeper retaining walls

The usual height of most household walls is four to five feet. Likewise, the usual height of concrete sleeper retaining walls in canberra is ten to fifteen feet. This helps to create a sense of privacy around your house. Most ranches have shifted from wooden fences to concrete retaining walls these days. This is because concrete sleeper retaining walls are very tough. They are nearly unbreakable. They are also hard to surmount for most people. They provide people with a much needed sense of security. The most common use of a concrete sleeper retaining wall is to provide a measure of security. They are built using a variety of different materials. As the name suggests, most concrete sleeper retaining walls are made using concrete or sand.

Painting concrete sleeper retaining walls:

Concrete sleeper retaining walls are usually about one to three feet in thickness. In some cases, parallel concrete sleeper retaining walls are built for extra protection. Their width varies depending on personal preference. The cement used for making concrete sleeper retaining walls is usually grey in colour. It varies from light grey to dark grey in most cases. The natural colour of cement varies, as well. It depends on the elements used to make cement in the first place. Concrete sleeper retaining walls have rounded tops in most cases. This helps people to climb over them. It also makes them look more attractive. The cost of building concrete sleeper retaining walls depends on the length of the wall. The longer the wall, the higher the cost incurred. You can build concrete sleeper retaining walls using industrial machinery. In most cases, a tractor and a bulldozer will be needed. Having a shovel helps too. The ground is dug in order to prepare it for the construction of the concrete sleeper retaining wall. The ground is dug up to three feet and filled with cement. The plaster in the base of the wall helps to keep the structure steady.

Constructing concrete sleeper retaining walls:

The first step towards building concrete sleeper retaining walls is building the base. The base has to be prepared meticulously. Concrete sleeper retaining walls need to be painted on a regular basis. The paint used helps to protect the wall from excessive moisture. It also helps to keep the wall safe from different elements of the weather. The paint helps to safeguard the walls from rain and excessive sunlight. The plaster in the base of the walls needs to harden before a structure can be erected over it. The hardening time of plaster depends on the climate. It dries up more quickly when it is hot outside.