How To Tackle With Blocked Drains

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How To Tackle With Blocked Drains

July 16, 2020 Small Business Services 0

There are times when your drainage system has come to its limits and gets blocked. This is the reason when you call a plumber to fix this problem and it gets pretty hefty because all the drainage has to be drained out and with that there might be a good chance that all new fittings are going to be needed which can cause a headache to your bank account.

There are many ways in which you can have blocked drains and that can be a cumbersome job to deal with. Let us tell you few factors on how you can get blocked drains so that you can know what to avoid.

1. The first thing in blocked drains that you will notice would be the odour of something foul. Yes, when you are cleaning your dishes and suddenly your nose picks up the smell of something rotten, well you know your drainage system is at its limit to get blocked.

2. The second thing would be when you notice that the water which should go down the drain is coming back up, well that is the start of blocked drains and trust us this is something which is very nasty to deal with even for plumbers. Take a look at this that can help you to find a professional plumbers to fix your drainage properly.

3. In some cases, you will hear some strange sounds coming from the pipes, well that is an indication that your pipes are blocked, and drainage system has stopped its productivity.

4. When you are showering, and you see the water is taking time to go down well that should be clear enough for you that something blocking the way for the water to diminish.

So, you have seen some indications which can tell you the reason for blocked drains and now we will have a look at some factors that can help you out in clearing the blocked drains such as,

1. One thing you can use for blocked drains can be the use of water that is steaming hot and boiled. This method will allow for some of the drainage to go down.

2. The second thing you can do is that you use vinegar and with the help of hot water you actually unblock the drain. You just have to let it sit for few minutes let us say ten and then repeat the process again.

3. Now if you want the real action well then you can always go to your local super market to buy some acidic cleaners that can unblock the drains in a quick way. Be sure to read instructions to avoid any incidents.

You see that you have now experienced the reasons on blocked drains and reasons to clear them however in some scenarios even these things might not work well then don’t worry about it just visit us at and get your drainage system checked by us.