Choose Fashion As Your Career

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Choose Fashion As Your Career

May 5, 2020 Fashion Accessories 0

A personal stylist is people who help other people to get their desired look and help them from their style through the use of clothes shoes and other fashionable items. They are people who know everything about outfits, appearances, clothing, color contrasts, etc.

How much do they cost?

Personal stylist usually charges around 450 to 475 per house per if they are working for a celebrity they earn anywhere from $5000 to $100 000 annually. You do not really need a degree to become a personal stylist Melbourne except a good sense of clothing and aa great taste in colours, although some colleges offer courses related to fashion. It is a great career for people who love fashion, have a good sense of clothing and great taste in colours. It is also a good career for people who like to communicate with other people as this allows them to communicate with new people.

Fashion advice

Personal stylists work for individual, fashion houses and clothing brands. They give fashion advice and choose the best outfit on a person depending on the fit and their size or color contrast, in addition to another fashionable item that will look good with the outfit. There are limitless opportunities in this career as a personal stylist. You can travel the world and work for big brands such as Gucci and Armani etc.

No offices

It is a type of work that doesn’t require any office or if you are working for a company or else if you are working from home, or for a freelancer you do not need a lot of equipment or office pace except the. To stay up to date about the market trends in the fashion industry, works in fashion nowadays, what standing and what has gone out of fashion? Etc. if you are a personal stylist you can work from anywhere until you have an internet connection.

Travel with fashion

A personal stylist is needed all around the world by celebrities and stars and influencers, and the demand for them is never going to go down. So it’s a great career opportunity for people who have a love for fashion. It gives you the freedom to travel the world as follow your fashion

Choose it as a career

It’s a career path not only for women but men too. As in today’s world, there is no such thing as a career only for men or women and many stereotypes are breaking.

According to a recent online survey, the median salary of a  personal stylist is $51, 117, with no educational degree although it requires some level of work experience. These things are important and people should be aware of them since they will help a lot in the future people can recommend their relatives to choose this as their career since the scope is also high.