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Hello there, Sports Investor!

We’re a group of Sharps that met each other at a sports betting party in 2008. People who consistently win and manage to even shape the lines of Bookies are called Sharps and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

But why would you care?

While others were struggling through the financial crisis in 2009, we came together to form a secret group, share opinions on games and come to a conclusion together. The result was nothing less than mindblowing. 2009 was a great year for us but we started officially tracking our predictions in 2010. You can find the results below.

The truth is:

We’ve had so much success over the years that family and friends practically begged us to share our tips with them and it worked out to a great degree. At the end of 2017 we started to gauge if anyone online would be interested in those picks as well. 2018 we started to officially accept online investors, like you, into our secret betting circle.

What does our proven track record look like?

Betting results since 2010

That’s a stable profit and our record since 2010. If you would have started with $1,000 back then and just followed our advice, your bankroll would be well over $10,000 by now. But that’s not all.

Betting results since 2010 accumulated

If you followed our picks and adjusted your bet sizes according to your ever-growing bankroll, you would have made over $10,000,000 by now. Yes, that’s $10 million. No stock will ever get you that kind of return.

Here are screenshots of the balance from one of our accounts and a bet we made in January 2018.
Sports Betting BalanceWon Bet

How did we do this?

Every day we consult to find the best possible bets so you don’t have to. We’re mostly betting on Basketball and Baseball but will bet on the odd NFL game as well. We not only focus on these because of our experience but because some of us are in contact with players, refs, reporters, coaches and even some owners so we know about upcoming news before anyone else does. We also employ multiple computer-based algorithms and are testing some AI based algorithms as well right now.

So, how do you receive those bookie busting bets?

We send them straight to your email inbox, via SMS and Whatsapp so you’re always on top of the freshest bets.

Alright, so how much do these premium sports picks cost?

Since we bet our own picks, we don’t need your money. We don’t want you to pay a subscription that renews itself without even asking. Unfortunately, since we are so popular right now, we’re asking for a small fee so we can be sure that you’re serious about beating the bookies. This fee has been $1000 but has been lowered to $500 by popular demand. We still think that’s enough prove your commitment. Depending on your bankroll, you can make that money back within a single day. As we mentioned, if you had been with us since 2010 with a $1000 bankroll, you’d have a $10 Million Bankroll by now.

Since 2018, we offer our picks to internet investors and here is what they have to say

Thank you so much for that Celtics pick – easy money!
– Anthony Beckman

Finally someone I can trust with my bankroll J
– Fadl Bazzi

I love watching Basketball with your predictions. I feel like a winner before the game even begins
– Rodrigo Correia

Thought this was too good to be true. It isn’t. Thought, I’d never say that
– Jian Hsu

gr8 picks boys!
– Michael Seiler

Wow, I ROBBED my bookie today… hopefully he’ll still take my action tomorrow haha
– Kian Whittaker

Such an underdog win lol the easiest $4921 I ever made
– Fabien Grenier

I made my money back with one bet
– 田北 勇

You picked the better side once more. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s bets.
– Timmy Poelsma

You guys saved me from certain bankruptcy. Is there a way to donate a small amount? Just to say thanks?
– Damian Bazarov
(Edit by the author: No there isn’t, we don’t need donations but thank you!)

less working, more watching games – that’s how life is supposed to be
– Liễu Năng Quả

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How can you get our daily expert picks?

You can sign up below. Unfortunately, we have been so popular that we can’t accept more members right now. We just can’t handle the number of requests and questions. We’re hiring support staff right now to solve this problem as soon as possible. You can write down your email below and we will contact you as soon as a spot opens up for you. When you’re on top of the waiting list we’ll contact you. Start your journey to a winning sports investor now by signing up to the waiting list below.




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